Témoignages des clients testimonials from happy customers

  • Peter Lawson
    I-extruder is perfect for my PCB projects. Its compact design and efficient performance ensure hassle-free solder paste dispensing and component placement. Completely worth the money paid for it!
    Peter Lawson
    Compact and efficient solution for PCB
  • Paul Pinault
    Je vais pas dire que ce produit a changé ma vie mais pas loin. En tout cas celle de mes oreilles car le compresseur du systeme que j'utilisai precedemment etait plutot agressif ! La solution permet une depose precise et rapide de patte pour de petits protos. Elle n'est pas encombrante.
    Je recommande sans hésitation !
    Paul Pinault
    Super produit
  • Markus S.
    Der I-Extruder Lotpastenspender hält, was er verspricht. Zuverlässigkeit und leiser Betrieb sorgen für eine präzise Anwendung und reibungslose Platzierung von SMT-Komponenten.
    Sehr empfehlenswert!
    Markus S.
    Zuverlässiger und leiser Betrieb
  • Teemu Hakkarainen
    I just received my I-Extruder pack with XYZ aluminum stand yesterday and I was very surprised, since I hadn't expected such a great quality of manufacturing !
    That's a real Made In France quality, like it used to be many years ago.
    Good job guys !
    Teemu Hakkarainen
    That's a real Made In France quality product
  • Marco Rossi
    I-Extruder è un dispenser silenzioso per la pasta salda è rivoluzionario. Permette una distribuzione precisa della pasta e il posizionamento dei componenti SMT. Lo uso quasi tutti i giorni per il mio lavoro e lo adoro.
    Marco Rossi
    Strumento eccezionale per progetti PCB
  • Алексей
    Сделано очень качественно! Без шуток, I-Extruder - это настоящая находка для разработки SMT печатных плат. Практически полностью бесшумный и легкий этот дозатор паяльной пасты удобно лежит в руке и обеспечивает точное нанесение пасты и установку SMT компонентов на печатную плату. Очень рекомендую!
    Я думаю, что для Москвы цена весьма доступная, хотя для регионов наверно дороговато.
    Превосходный инструмент для SMT-сборки
  • Gauthier
    Très content de mon achat. Le rapport qualité-prix est imbattable! D'ailleurs, il n'y a pas d'autre alternative sur le marche. I-Extruder est un distributeur extrêmement silencieux. Prise en main facile et précision remarquable. Un outil tout simplement MAGNIFIQUE!
    Je recommande vivement pour les bricoleurs, aussi que pour les pros comme moi.
    Tout simplement MAGNIFIQUE!
  • Lesław Nowak
    Jestem bardzo zadowolony z mojego zakupu!
    Dyspenser pasty lutowniczej I-extruder to niezawodne narzędzie do montażu SMT. Jego precyzja i niezawodność sprawiają, że jest nieocenionym pomocnikiem dla każdego pasjonata elektroniki.
    Lesław Nowak
    Precyzja i niezawodność w jednym !
  • Hans Lindholm
    Very good build quality and lots of useful features. The I-Extruder simplifies PCB prototyping and assembly for beginners and professionals. Its user-friendly features make solder paste dispensing and component placement a breeze.
    Hans Lindholm
    Effortless PCB prototyping
  • Alex Wang
    As a University student (electronics engineering), I was looking for a reliable tools for PCB prototyping. The I-Extruder solder paste dispenser has been a game-changer for my electronics projects. Its performance surpasses my expectations. The precise dispensing and accurate component placement have greatly improved the quality of my work. I-extruder has become An indispensable tool for my university projects, allowing me to complete projects efficiently and with professional-level results.
    I highly recommend it to fellow students.
    Alex Wang
    An indispensable tool for my projects
  • Dylan
    What can i say, this tool beats my expectations. I have been using it for dispensing glue for fabricating acylic products, and it has completly revolutionalised the gluing process, no more pools of glue that suddenly happen when giving to much pressure to the syringe, which ruin the athetics of the finished product. No more reject products!!, YET :)
  • Ronald Verkruisen
    I can't do without the I-extruder anymore. How have we managed all these years without this very small and handy device. I really like the extruder, it makes working with my small smd components much easier and more convenient. One of my best kickstarter orders!
    Ronald Verkruisen
    Best tool for prototyping
  • David Williams
    I-Extruder dispenser saves me valuable time during SMT prototyping and assembly. Its consistent quality ensures reliable solder paste dispensing. The Pick & Place feature is a game changer!
    Having one tool for dispensing and precise component placement makes my work much more efficient.
    David Williams
    Great time-saving device
  • Tony D. Parrish
    I really love this new tool and I'm impressed with the quality of construction as well. This should last a long time. The only negative is the size of the OLED dispaly and the push buttons, they could have been made bigger to see and operate more clearly. With that being the only downside, this is a great tool.
    Tony D. Parrish
    Awesome Tool
  • Tjalling
    The I-Extruder has quickly become an indispensable tool on my workbench. Its accurate solder paste dispensing and precise component placement capabilities make it a must-have for every electronics workshop.
    Couldn't be happier with my purchase!
    Enhance your electronics workbench
  • Andreas
    This dispenser tool is fantastic! The quality of all components, including the optional XYZ stand is very high, the tool is versatile, well manufactured and easy to use. Although it looks pretty bulky on the pictures, it is actually lightweight and well balanced.

    I can highly recommend this tool.

    Great product!
  • Ivanko
    This is absolutely fantastic product ! I really love it. I've backed Kickstarter project and now I have ordered two more I-Extruders for my work lab.
    Big thanks to I-Extruder team for such a great job and fantastic support.
    Fantastic product !
  • Stefan
    Ein sehr gutes Produkt. Einfach zu handhaben, präzise, vielseitig. Die exakte Einstellung der Dosierung perfekt. Auch die Möglichkeit schnell und unkompliziert die zu dosiernden Medien durch Tausch der Behälter zu wechseln ist genial. Jederzeit würde ich dieses Produkt weiterepfehlen. :)
    Super Produkt !!!
  • James Thomason
    This is my new favorite tool in my workshop. SMD electronics are now as easy as traditional TH for me. Now I can take my electronics projects to much smaller cheaper places. I love it!
    James Thomason
    Amazing Tool!
  • JC
    I've used an EFD dispenser for a long time, but it requires I keep a bottle of Argon around to drive it (no clean shop air in my lab). The argon is not expensive, but it is inconvienent, and if I want to move the EFD around, it's bulky, and has 3 cables plus the air line. The i-Extruder, on the other hand, is highly portable (I use a USB battery pack sometimes), just as accurate and repeatable as the EFD, and LOT easier to use, and no 3000 PSI pony bottle of Argon to lug around. This is truly a great product.

    Very well made, and the kind of project that other Kickstarter entries should use as a reference.

    Very nicely done!
  • Jürgen
    The best tool for PCB assembly that I have ever owned. Fully configurable with cool and user friendly menu and it is almost absolutely silent. And it also work for SMD components placement in pick and place mode!!! That is a really neat idea to combine two device into a single one.
    I do PCB prototyping for living, and my previous pneumatic dispenser (Chinese) , with air compressor, was a real nightmare.
    For those who are interested, I strongly recommend you the get "advanced" pack. Pick&Place pen and the foot switch are really good addition to I-Extruder.
    The best tool that I have ever owned
  • Alex Brown
    I bought my I-Extruder after watching a review on the EEVblog YouTube channel, and I'm glad I discovered this handy little tool. Its user-friendly features make SMT assembly easier than ever, ensuring accurate paste dispensing and component placement, and significantly reducing PCB prototyping time. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the I-Extruder is suitable for all skill levels.
    Great job, I-Extruder team!
    Alex Brown
    High quality user-friendly helper
  • Andrea Esposto
    Beautiful product, sophisticated design, I recommend it for those who, like me, will use it for work
    Andrea Esposto
    Good Good Good!!!
  • Pedro Ramon
    I really love this new tool. Got my I-Extruder via Kickstarter.
    Thank you very much, I-Extruder team.
    Pedro Ramon
    Perfect Product
  • M. Scott Ford
    I discovered I-Extruder via Kickstarter and was really impressed with how well designed and thought out the product was. Communication throughout the campaign was impeccable. There have been 27 updates to date, and each one provided additional information about the status of build process.
    The team also handled a small customer service issue for me, which was the result of a mistake I made when completing a form. It was resolved quickly and politely.
    M. Scott Ford
    Impressive Product
  • Brian
    I raise hampsters for a living and being the horny bastards they are I have to deal with their STDs on a regular basis. Using topical medicines is hard because their private parts are so sensitive and they'll claw and bite you so much so getting the exact right amount applied to their willies/coochies is an absolute must.
    I'm happy to say that using the I-Extruder I can handle these buggers with ease now. I don't have to look for hamster-sized condoms anymore.
    Perfect for veterinary medicine
  • Edward
    I-Extruder dispenser is very well engineered and the build quality is simply amazing.
    I love things that are well made
  • Vesko Gavrilov
    I-Extruder is the most useful tool for soldering. It's comfortable to hold in the hand and dispenses solder easily. The best features are the XYZ stand and the foot pedal which free your hands to hold the board and the components. I definitely recommend it for your hobby projects.
    Vesko Gavrilov
    The most useful tool for soldering
  • Jozsef Vamosi
    Received the i-Extruder pack last week. It was well packed with some extras already included in the base package (pick and place piston and cups). The tool was also smaller than expected. This is good news, because it makes it better suited to use under a microscope. First setup was easy, but it takes some time to find the optimal settings for the material used. It's a good idea to use the paste sold (for a reasonable price) by the designers because setup other solder paste was a bit of a hit and miss. Also the offered paste comes pre-filled in a compatible dispenser which also saves the filling chore. After finding the optimal settings the operation is pretty straight forward, altough people with large(r) hand or fingers would benefit from getting a foot pedal as the dispensing buttons are close together. All in all a good product for an affordable price that smartly fills a gap in the hobby market.
    Jozsef Vamosi
    Well made product that fills an old gap in the maker / hobby market
  • Rob Kahr
    I'm really happy with my I-Extruder... presently reworking my product assembly techniques to incorporate using this tool into the processes. It will save a boatload of time in the assemply of a couple of the pinball boards that I sell. Hats off to the team who created it - your dedication delivered a quality product!
    Rob Kahr
    Quality product
  • Tisham Dhar
    I have used other paste dispenser and suction tools, but this beats all of them in terms of compactness, ease of use and build quality. Very easy to set-up and become productive with it in a few minutes.
    Tisham Dhar
    Very compact and well made
  • Ron Ciren
    The prospect of dabbing solder paste onto my boards with a toothpick was too much to bear, so I jumped at this Kickstarter.
    Ten minutes playing with it and I was an old hand. Programming this thing is a breeze, and it feels solid in the hand with good ergonomics. I recommend the foot pedal. It allows you to lay down a really precise dab of paste right where you want it. Solder paste placement is fast! You can do a small board in a few minutes with no mess at all. The pick and place lets you populate your board fast.
    There is no downside with this product. It is quiet and feels good in the hand. There is no compressor noise since it uses a stepper motor for the drive.
    This is the handiest SMD tool on my bench. If you are making your own boards then this is the must-have for your workplace, at home or on the job. Period.
    Ron Ciren
    Best SMD tool on my bench.
  • Satoshi
    I am very happy to use I-Extruder with my electrical hobby life. Usability of I-Extruder is best than the other competing products. Most strong point is that possible to supply small amount of solder onto small PAD. Furthermore、it is Small, light, stable, quiet, multi function, Reasonable price.
    Thank you Artline team.
    It is the best tool I have been waiting for