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Not at all !
Traditional pneumatic dispensers rely on air to “push” the material trough the syringe barrel, so they must to be plugged into air compressor, which are noisy, bulky and energy consuming devices. Otherwise such dispensers will not work.

I-EXTRUDER is different ! It doesn't use air, but driven by the precise stepper motor. It's a silent and light-weigh USB powered solder paste and fluids dispenser.

Material is "pushed" trough the syringe barrel by double-wiper piston which is attached to the lead-screw.

Even for the "Pick & Place" feature you don't need the air-compressor.

Each I-Extruder is supplied with one CNC machined vacuum piston with nitrile O-Rings.
When that piston quickly moves inside of the syringe barrel, it creates vacuum so I-Extruder works as a Pick & Place tool.

As you probably know, there are multiple variations of 10cc syringes available on the market, and they all have some variations in size and shape.

In order to insure that I-Extruder work correctly, it is important to attach the syringe piston to the dispenser's lead-screw, so piston moves along with the lead-screw.

From the multiple models of syringes available on market, we have selected the 10cc Nordson EFD type syringes for the very important reason - their pistons has a MOUNTING HOLE.
This is not possible with other syringes types, models.

Without that the "Pull-Back" feature, which prevents material oozing, will not work.

Each dispenser is supplied with 5 syringes, and you can always order additional syringes on our website.

Yes, of course we do ship worldwide.
All orders are shipped from France, directly from our company's warehouse.

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Who has to pay?
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What is payable, if anything, depends on country where are you living and your country' customs regulations. In many countries customs apply a non customs non taxable amount, bellow which no duty or tax will be applicable.