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We are a the team of perfectionists specialized in electronic products development, with more than 17 years of experience.
We love the process of products creation and all phases of the product life cycle, from the idea and simple sketch to the mass production and delivery.
Our head office is located in this building
I-Extruder dispensers where developed by our team from a scratch.

First it has started in 2015 as a custom tool for prototypes development.

We have spend many months developing and testing I-EXTRUDER prototypes, and since the the summer 2016 all PCB prototypes (+420) that we made for our customers and all our internal projects, were assembled using I-EXTRUDER.

We are very proud of the results and ease of use, and we want to share this versatile tool with the worldwide community, so that it could become a revolutionary and affordable alternative to traditional compressor-driven solder paste / fluids distributors.