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I-EXTRUDER smart Solder Paste and Pick & Place tool

I-EXTRUDER it's an stepper motor driven, Air-Free, solder paste and fluids dispenser for : PCB prototyping, electronics assembly, DIY projects, crafts, professional or industrial assembly of products. I-Extruder solder paste dispensing

Traditionally, in order to apply solder paste, compounds, lubricants, adhesives et.c., in electronics prototyping, DIY electronics and crafts, people are using: solder paste stencils, manual dispensing methods, or pneumatic dispensers

The main problems with those methods of dispensing, is that you are wasting your precious time and money.
Manual dispensing methods such as: manual dispensing pistols, disposable medical syringes pressed by hand or toothpick - the "poor man’s dispenser" are very inaccurate, time consuming and could be very exhausting.

Pneumatic dispensers rely on air pressure to “push” the material trough the barrel, so they must to be plugged into air compressor, which are noisy, bulky and energy consuming devices. Otherwise such dispensers will not work.

I-EXTRUDER is a versatile dispenser which you can use not only for solder paste application, electronics products assembly but also for crafts or DIY projects. It has the "External Trigger" jack port, and can be triggered by: foot pedal switch, IR or Inductive proximity sensor, or +3.3V impulses from CNC machine.


Le distributeur révolutionnaire de pâte à souder et d'adhésifs et l'outil Pick & Place "deux-en-un", pour le prototypage et l'assemblage de PCB SMT, le bricolage et l'artisanat.

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