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Not at all !
Traditional pneumatic dispensers rely on air to “push” the material trough the syringe barrel, so they must to be plugged into air compressor, which are noisy, bulky and energy consuming devices. Otherwise such dispensers will not work.

I-EXTRUDER is different ! It doesn't use air, but driven by the precise stepper motor. It's a silent and light-weigh USB powered solder paste and fluids dispenser.

Material is "pushed" trough the syringe barrel by double-wiper piston which is attached to the lead-screw.

Even for the "Pick & Place" feature you don't need the air-compressor.

Each I-Extruder is supplied with one CNC machined vacuum piston with nitrile O-Rings.
When that piston quickly moves inside of the syringe barrel, it creates vacuum so
I-Extruder works as a Pick & Place tool.

I-Extruder can only be used with Nordson 10cc type syringes, which have a mounting hole inside the pistons. 10cc Nordson type syringes
This hole is used to secure the plunger to the end of the lead screw, so that it moves with the screw when I-Extruder.

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