1. General
The company Artline International has the right to modify in any way the form, dimension, and materials of its products, regardless of the information mentioned in its catalog.

If the sale takes place by mail order, a deadline will be specified during which this offer will be valid. During this period, the prices and technical specifications specified in the offer cannot be modified. These general conditions govern all our sales and prevail over any other purchasing condition, except for clearly specified exceptional cases on our part.

Any order implicitly and irrevocably implies the total acceptance of these sales and warranty conditions. We do not manage any proxy among our resellers, who are commercially autonomous, and their actions are entirely their responsibility. Therefore, their customers must hold them solely responsible for any commitments they may undertake.

2. Prices
Prices are stated in EURO (€) ex works from our warehouses or stores and are subject to change without notice. Shipping or transportation costs are the responsibility of the customer. The invoice is established based on the price in effect on the date of shipment.

3. Payment Conditions
Our products are always sold cash and without discount. Our headquarters will approve any decision regarding the possible agreement on a payment facility. Shipments may be suspended at our discretion in case of absence and/or delayed payment.
Penalties equal to 15% of the amount due are automatically applicable to unpaid amounts after a period of 8 days following the due date, without any prior notice being necessary. The applicable legal interest rate is the one in effect on the day of delivery of the goods.

4. Reservation of Ownership
The products remain our property until full payment of all amounts due (including products and accessories). The issuance of a payment demand document to the customer does not represent a payment as intended in this clause. In case of non-payment, regardless of the due date, the claim for goods can be made considering the unpaid goods as those held by the purchaser.

These measures do not affect the responsibility of the buyer once our products have left our premises. Pending full payment (including products and accessories), the buyer is prohibited from reselling and/or transforming the goods acquired from our company.

4a. Automatic Termination Clause
If the buyer persists in not paying the amounts due, the sale will be automatically canceled if our company deems it necessary, through a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This clause will be mentioned therein without prejudging the right of our company to claim damages from the concerned customer.

5. Shipping and Delivery Times
The delivery times specified are always indicative. They do not engage our responsibility or give rise to penalties or damages if the set dates are exceeded. If the value of a transaction with a customer exceeds €500, a maximum delivery date will be specified.

Exceeding this deadline allows the consumer to cancel the purchase of the product without being entitled to any damages or compensation related to this cancellation. Exceptional cases or "force majeure" events are reserved to us and authorize us to temporarily suspend the sending of orders during the duration of these exceptional cases or force majeure events.

Shipping costs for each shipment (by postal service, carrier, or express) are always borne by the customer. The recipient assumes all risks incurred by the goods during transportation. In case of need, the recipient can exercise a recourse right against the carrier. Any possible complaint must therefore be addressed in writing to the carrier at the time of delivery. It is imperative to send us a copy of this complaint within eight days; otherwise, no claim will be taken into account.

6. Exercise of the Right of Withdrawal. Returns and Standard Exchanges.
Article L121-20 of the Consumer Code states that the customer has a legal period of 14 clear days from the day of receipt of the product to return it intact without incurring any penalties. To know the procedures related to the return of our products, contact us by email.
Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer regardless of the reason for return.

No return of an item by the customer is allowed without prior agreement on our part, except as specified below for mail-order sales.
We will unconditionally refuse any merchandise received without prior agreement.
In the case of exchange requests, the re-shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer, who is required to return the product in new condition and in its original packaging.

The customer's return of the product must take place within a period of eight days after the acceptance of the return request. After this period, no exchange will be made.

The items must be returned in perfect new condition and in their entirety, including accessories, packaged and packaged as originally, and accompanied by the original purchase invoice. Compliance with these conditions will result in Artline International reimbursing, within a period of seven (7) days from the date of receipt of the return package, the amounts paid by the customer and corresponding to the total value of the returned products, excluding delivery costs.
Only products returned in new and complete condition, in their original packaging, in perfect resale condition, and accompanied by the original purchase invoice will be accepted.
Any incomplete, used, damaged, or whose original packaging has been deteriorated will not be accepted for return, exchange, or refund.

7. Warranty

I-Extruder dispensers are guaranteed for a period of 2 years.
This warranty only applies to I-Extruder dispensers. If a customer encounters a problem with one of our products and returns it to us, the warranty provides for repair or replacement after the breakdown has been identified in our workshops.

Only normal use of the product allows the use of the warranty, which becomes void in case of damage caused by improper handling, rough use of the device, or any alteration, modification, or unauthorized repair.

In all areas and particularly in those defined by articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code, our warranties are limited to the sole replacement of defective elements or products, as well as shipping or transportation costs. The customer is responsible for the costs related to the return of the product. Under no circumstances can our company be held liable for paying damages regardless of the reason.

8. Disputes and Recourse
Any dispute concerning the sale of our products, whether it involves warranty claims or multiple defenses, will be arbitrated solely by the competent commercial court under the jurisdiction of our registered office.