We are team of specialists with over 15 years of experience in the development of electronic products. We love the process of creating products and all stages of the product life cycle, from an idea and a simple sketch to mass production and delivery to satisfied customers.

In 2015, we designed The I-Extruder dispenser/ tool from the ground up because we were not satisfied with the pneumatic dispensers available on the market. Initially, we designed and created a test dispenser solely for applying solder paste to PCB prototypes, which we named I-EXTRUDER.

Following the first model, we invested a significant amount of time and effort into developing, improving, and testing new prototypes of the I-EXTRUDER. In 2016, we added a "Pick & Place" function to place SMT components on PCBs after applying solder paste, using the same I-EXTRUDER dispenser. Since the summer of 2017, when we approved the final version of the device and its accessories, we have used the I-EXTRUDER to assemble all PCB prototypes (over 420 projects) for our clients and our own projects.

We are glad to count among our customers world-famous brands, institutes, labs, and universities; small, mid-sized, and large electronic product manufacturers; component manufacturers; private and corporate developers of various products; electronics repair shops; watchmakers and jewelers from 73 countries, such as: Tesla, Microsoft, Swedish Army, Texas Instruments, Nexperia, Motorolla, Peter Grünberg Institute for Functional Quantum Systems, US National Institute of Standards and Technology and many many others.

We take great pride in the quality, reliability, and ease of use of the I-EXTRUDER. Our goal is to share this versatile tool with the global community, providing a revolutionary and affordable alternative to traditional compressor-driven solder paste/fluid dispensers and Pick & Place tools.